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Can't find the office you're looking for? The government operator, 808-449-7110, can direct you to any office on any military installation in Hawaii. Military units' contact information can be found on their respective websites, found under the "Military Units" menu above.

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Bold listings link to that office's web page for additional information, like additional contact numbers, locations, and hours of operation.

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Adolescent Psychiatry 808-433-6418
Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Service (ASACS) 808-655-9944
Advertising on Post 808-656-3155
Aliamanu Military Reservation Physical Fitness Center (DFMWR) 808-836-0338
Aliamanu Military Reservation Pool (DFMWR) 808-833-0255
Antiterrorism/Force Protection 808-656-6734
Army & Air Force Exchange Services-Main Exchange (Schofield) 808-622-1773
Army Community Service (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-4227
Army Emergency Relief - North Region (DFMWR) 808-655-4227
Army Emergency Relief - South Region (DFMWR) 808-438-9285
Army Museum of Hawaii (Fort DeRussy) 808-942-0318/0715
Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) 808-655-9113
Arts & Crafts Center (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-4202
Auto Skills Center (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-9402
Auto Skills Center (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-9368
Aviation Division (DPTMS) 808-656-2656
Aviation Safety 808-655-5397
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Battle Command Training Center (DPTMS) 808-655-2864
Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (DFMWR) 808-655-1130
Blue Star Card (DFMWR) 808-655-0002
Boards and Promotions 808-655-1653
Bowling Center (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-6733
Bowling Center (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-0573
Bowling Center (Wheeler Army Airfield) (DFMWR) 808-656-1745
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Carlson Wagonlit Travel 800-349-8231
Car Washes & Fundraising (North Region) (DFMWR) 808-655-0088
Car Washes & Fundraising (South Region) (DFMWR) 808-655-0088
Casualty Assistance Office 808-655-1199
  *After Duty Hours 808-656-3272
Central Texas College-Schofield Campus 808-624-0198
Central Texas College-Tripler Campus 808-753-8539
Central Michigan University-Schofield Campus 808-624-3939
Central Michigan University-Tripler Campus 808-782-1541
Chaminade University of Hawaii-Schofield Campus 808-624-2515
Chaminade University of Hawaii-Tripler Campus 808-840-1025
Chaplain's Office 808-655-8731
Child Development Center (Aliamanu Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-833-5570
Child Development Center (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-1151
Child Development Center (Helemano Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-653-0724
Child Development Center-Petersen (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-5293
Child Development Center (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-7106
Child, Youth & School Services-Aliamanu Military Reservation (DFMWR) 808-833-5393
Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)-Schofield Barracks (DFMWR) 808-655-5314/8380
Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) 808-438-4529
Command Sponsorship 808-655-1804
Commercial Sponsorship (DFMWR) 808-655-0497
Commissary (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-5066
Community Compliance 808-656-0459
Community Relations 808-656-3159
Community Watch (North Region) 808-655-7114
Community Watch (South Region) 808-438-7114
Compassionate Reassignment 808-655-1804
Construction Safety 808-655-5511
Counterintelligence 808-655-1306
Conservation Division 808-656-6821
Customer Management Services 808-655-9033
Cultural Resources 808-655-9707/6790
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DA Photos (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-1905
DA Photos (Fort Shafter) 808-438-7532
Decals 808-656-0334
DEERS Services (Fort Shafter) 808-438-1757
DEERS Services (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-4104/6884
Defense Travel System 808-438-8136
Dependent Deaths 808-655-9608
Dependent Travel 808-655-9272
Depleted Uranium 808-655-3160
Dining Facilities 808-655-0196
Directorate of Emergency Services 808-656-6750/6732
Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation 808-655-0111
Directorate of Human Resources 808-655-4662
Directorate of Installation Safety 808-655-6655
Directorate of Logistics 808-656-2400
Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security 808-656-0187
Directorate of Public Works 808-656-1275
Directory Assistance 808-449-7110
Domestic Violence Advocacy Program (DFMWR) 808-624-SAFE (7233)
Drug Testing Program Coordinator 808-655-6048/0682
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Early Return of Dependents 808-655-4633
Edge Program (DFMWR) 808-655-0445
Education Center (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-0800/0805
Education Center (Tripler/Fort Shafter) 808-433-4182/4184
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Schofield Campus 808-624-2334
Environmental Division 808-656-2878
Environmental Spills 808-656-3106/1111
Emergency - North Region 808-655-7114
Emergency - South Region 808-438-7114
EMILPO 808-655-6752
Equal Employment Opportunity Office 808-438-4963
Explosive Ordnance Disposal 808-655-7112
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Family Advocacy (DFMWR) 808-655-4779
Family Child Care (South Region) (DFMWR) 808-837-0236
Family Child Care (North Region) (DFMWR) 808-655-8373
Family Marriage Therapy Center 808-433-8131
Family Travel 808-655-1804
Force Protection 808-656-6734
Federal Fire 808-471-3303/
Fire 808-471-3303/
Forms and Publications 808-656-0334
Fort Shafter Library (DFMWR) 808-438-9521
Fort Shafter Physical Fitness Center (DFMWR) 808-438-1152
Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline 808-655-8121
Freedom of Information Act Requests/Queries 808-655-5033
Fundraising (North Region) (DFMWR) 808-655-0497
Fundraising (South Region) (DFMWR) 808-438-6996
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Garrison Commander's Office 808-656-1153
Gate Access 808-656-0247
Golf-Leilehua Course (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-4653
Golf-Walter J. Nagorski Course (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-9587
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Hale Ikena (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-1974
Hawaii Army Weekly 808-656-3155
Hawaii Pacific University-Schofield Campus 808-687-7094
Hawaii Pacific University-Tripler Campus 808-544-1493
Health & Fitness Center (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-8007
Helemano Military Reservation Physical Fitness Center (DFMWR) 808-653-0719
Helemano Military Reservation Pool (DFMWR) 808-653-0716
Hired - Teen Apprenticeships (DFMWR) 808-655-1686
Home-based Business (DFMWR) 808-655-0497
Housing Services Office - North 808-655-3075/3080/3079
Housing Services Office - South 808-438-6198/0149
Human Resources 808-655-4662
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ID Card Services (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-4104/6884
Information, Ticketing & Registration (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-1985
Information, Ticketing & Registration (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-9971
Inn at Schofield (On Post Lodging) 800-490-9638
In Processing Services (Fort Shafter) 808-438-8918
In Processing Services (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-1272
Inspections/OSHA Compliance 808-655-6755
Inspector General 808-655-0847
Installation Access Office 808-656-0247
Installation Access Pass 808-655-1620/
Installation Legal Office (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-8607
Installation Legal Office (Tripler Army Medical Center) 808-433-5311
Installation Safety Office 808-655-6655
Installation Security Office 808-655-8879
Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office 808-656-1228
Island Palm Communities (North Region) 808-275-3710
Island Palm Communities (South Region) 808-275-3810
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Judge Advocate General (Fort Shafter) 808-438-6725
Judge Advocate General (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-8607
Judge Advocate General (Tripler Army Medical Center) 808-433-5311
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Kilauea Military Camp (Big Island) (DFMWR) 808-438-6707
Kolekole Bar & Grill (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-0660/4466
Kolekole Pass 808-655-1429
L Back to Top
Legal Office (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-8607
Legal Office (Tripler Army Medical Center) 808-433-5311
Leilehua Golf Course (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-4653
Leilehua Grill (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-1711
Leisure Travel Services (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-1985
Leisure Travel Services (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-9971
Levy/Reassignments 808-655-4728/4661
Library (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-9521
Library (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-8002
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Main Exchange (Schofield Barracks) 808-622-1773
Makua Military Reservation 808-656-3158
Martinez Physical Fitness Center (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-0900
Mass Transit 808-656-2391
Media Relations/Queries 808-656-3160
Memorial Affairs Office 808-655-1199
Middle School & Teen Center (Aliamanu Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-833-0920
Middle School & Teen Center (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-1487
Middle School & Teen Center (Helemano Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-653-0717
Middle School & Teen Center (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-0451
Military Clothing Sales 808-624-0701
Military & Family Life Consultants (DFMWR) 808-222-7088
Military Personnel Division 808-655-0893
Military Police (North Region) 808-655-7114
Military Police (Pohakuloa Training Area) 808-969-2429
Military Police (South Region) 808-438-7114
Mortuary Affairs Office 808-655-5124/1199
Mulligan's (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-6715
Museum-Army in Hawaii (Fort DeRussy) 808-438-2825/2822
Museum-Tropic Lightning (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-0438
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Native Hawaiian Liaison Office
Natural Resources Division 808-655-9189
Neighborhood Watch 808-655-7114/438-7114.
Nehelani Banquet & Conference Center (DFMWR) 808-655-0660/4466
Network Enterprise Center/30th Signal Bn. 808-655-2200
Newspaper 808-656-3155
Noise Complaints 808-656-3487
North Community Chaplain 808-655-6644
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Off-Limits Establishments
Office of the Garrison Commander 808-656-1153
Office of the Native Hawaiian Liaison 808-655-9694
Operator 808-449-7110
OSHA Compliance/Inspections 808-655-6755
Outdoor Recreation (DFMWR) 808-655-0143
Out Processing Services (Fort Shafter) 808-438-8918
Out Processing Services (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-1272
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Paintball (Outdoor Recreation) (DFMWR) 808-343-3929
Parent Central Services (DFMWR) 808-655-8313
Passport and Naturalization Office 808-655-7182
Passenger Travel 808-655-1868
Pet Clinic 808-655-5889/5883
Pet Kennel (DFMWR) 808-368-3456
Permanent Change of Station- Shipping Personal Property 808-473-7750
Permanent Change of Station- Shipping POV 808-848-8383
Personnel Operations Branch 808-655-8276
Physical Fitness Center (Aliamanu Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-836-0338
Physical Fitness Center (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-1152
Physical Fitness Center-Health & Fitness Center (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-8007
Physical Fitness Center (Helemano Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-653-0719
Physical Fitness Center-Martinez (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-0900
Physical Fitness Center (Tripler Army Medical Center) (DFMWR) 808-433-6443
Physical Security 808-656-6671
Pililaau Army Recreation Center (DFMWR) 808-696-4158/6783
Plans, Analysis & Integration Office 808-656-0875
Plans and Operations Division (DPTMS) 808-656-0219
Pohakuloa Training Area 808-969-2427
Police - Noth Region 808-655-7114
Police - South Region 808-438-7114
Pool-Aliamanu Military Reservation (DFMWR) 808-833-0255
Pool-Helemano Military Reservation (DFMWR) 808-653-0716
Pool-Richardson (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-9698
Pool-Tripler Army Medical Center (DFMWR) 808-433-5257
Postal Operations 808-655-5033
Post Exchange (Schofield Barracks) 808-622-1773
Post Housing (North Region) 808-275-3710
Post Housing (South Region) 808-275-3810
Promotions and Boards 808-655-1653
Protocol Office 808-656-0615
Provost Marshal 808-656-7133
Public Affairs Office 808-656-3154
  *After Duty Hours 808-226-2706
PX Market (Fort Shafter) 808-843-1969
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Range Division (DPTMS) 808-655-1404
Reassignments/Transitions 808-655-0175
Records 808-655-1272
Recreation Activities & Special Events (DFMWR) 808-655-0111/0112
Recycling Center 808-655-0011
Red Cross 808-655-4927
Religious Education - North Community 808-655-6645
Religious Education - South Community 808-839-4319
Religious Services Office (RSO) 808-655-8731
Replacement Detachment 808-282-0040
Resource Management Office 808-656-4671
Retirement Services Office 808-655-1585
Richardson Pool (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-9698
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Safety 808-656-1174
Security Division (DPTMS) 808-655-8879
Service Orders 808-656-1275
Schofield Barracks Dental Clinic 808-433-6825
Schofield Barracks Health Clinic 808-433-2778
Schofield Barracks Library (DFMWR) 808-655-8002
Schofield Barracks Pool (Richardson) (DFMWR) 808-655-9698
School Age Services (Aliamanu Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-833-4932
School Age Services (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-6470
School Age Services (Helemano Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-653-0717
School Age Services (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-6461
Sexual Assault Advocacy Program (DFMWR) 808-624-SAFE (7233)
School Liaison Office (DFMWR) 808-655-9818
Sgt. Smith Theater (Schofield Barracks) 808-624-2585
Sgt. Yano Library (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-8002
Short-Term Alternative Child Care (STACC) (DFMWR) 808-655-8628
Shipping - Personal Goods (PCS) 808-473-7750
Shipping - POV (PCS) 808-848-8383
SKIES Unlimited (DFMWR) 808-655-9818
Small Business Office (Expeditionary Contracting Command ) 808-656-1093
Social Work Care Manager 808-433-8591
Soldier and Family Assistance Center (DFMWR) 808-655-7171
Soldier For Life: Transition Assistance Program 808-655-1028
Soldier Locator 808-655-8245
Soldier Support Center 808-655-6291
Soldier Training Support Division (DPTMS) 808-656-9261
South Community Chaplain 808-833-6831
Sponsorship 808-655-8276/4661
Sports Office (DFMWR) 808-655-9914
Spouse Information Meetings 808-656-0611
Special Events (DFMWR) 808-655-0111/0112
Sunset Cafe (Pililaau Army Recreation Center) (DFMWR) 808-696-4778
Suicide Prevention 800-273-TALK(8255)
Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) (DFMWR) 808-438-9285
Sustainability Division 808-656-3103
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Teen Center (Aliamanu Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-833-0920
Teen Center (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-1487
Teen Center (Helemano Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-653-0717
Teen Center (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-0451
Tennis Center (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-479-6727
Training Division (DPTMS) 808-656-0211
Transition Assistance Program (Soldier for Life) 808-655-1028
Transitions/Reassignments 808-655-0175
Transportation Division 808-656-4963
Transportation Motor Pool 808-656-0725
Transporation Safety 808-655-6746
Travel 808-655-1868
Tripler Army Medical Center 808-433-6661
Tripler Lodging 808-839-2336
Tripler Physical Fitness Center (DFMWR) 808-433-6443
Tripler Pool (DFMWR) 808-433-5257
Tropic Lightning Museum 808-655-0438
Tropics Warrior Zone (DFMWR) 808-655-5698
TV2 808-655-5015
V Back to Top
Vehicle Registration 808-656-0247
Vendor Services 808-423-7885
Veterinary Clinic (Fort Shafter) 808-433-2271
Veterinary Clinic (Schofield Barracks) 808-655-5889/5883
Victim Advocacy Program (DFMWR) 808-624-SAFE (7233)
Volunteer Coordinator (DFMWR) 808-655-2400
Voting Assistance Office 808-655-7128/8945
W Back to Top
Walter J. Nagorski Golf Course (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-9587
Warrior Behavioral Health 808-433-8601
Wayland Baptist University-Schofield Campus 808-564-3360
Wayland Baptist University-Tripler Campus 808-564-3364
Web (Issues, Questions) 808-656-3155
Workforce Development 808-655-9037
Workplace Inspections 808-655-5369
Work Orders 808-656-1275
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Youth School Age Services (Aliamanu Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-833-4932
Youth School Age Services (Fort Shafter) (DFMWR) 808-438-6470
Youth School Age Services (Helemano Military Reservation) (DFMWR) 808-653-0717
Youth School Age Services (Schofield Barracks) (DFMWR) 808-655-6461
Youth Sponsorship (DFMWR) 808-655-9818
Youth Sports (North Region) (DFMWR) 808-655-6465
Youth Sports (South Region) (DFMWR) 808-836-1923
  • U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii
    745 Wright Ave., Building 107, Wheeler Army Airfield

If you are interested in contributing to the Army in Hawaii, please call the Hawaii Regional Gift Manager at 808-656-0085.

For more information, please visit the Army's website on the Gift Program at

All news media representatives with queries or plans to cover events on U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii installations must be escorted by a Public Affairs Office-designated escort.  For assistance, please call 808-656-3154/3160 or 808-226-2706 to request a PAO escort. You can also fax your request to 808-656-3162.

Members of the news media who have a personal affiliation with the military (i.e. spouse, family member or retiree) and have a DoD decal are instructed to call the PAO at the numbers above for escort when covering a story. Due to the limited number of PAO staff members available to provide escort, media are asked to request escort support as far in advance as possible.

Click here to view more about the Public Affairs Office.

You can report noise concerns to the Army by calling 808-656-3487 or by sending an email. In the message of the email, please include your name, preferred contact method (email or phone) and details about the incident. Include the date, time, location and type of aircraft, if possible.

Someone from the garrison's Community Relations office will contact you about your concern during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

To report unsafe flight incidents, call the FAA Honolulu Flight Standards District Office at 808-837-8300.

To reach a 24-hour operator at the statewide Airport Hotline, call 888-697-7813.

Soldier Tracker

Trying to track down a Soldier? If you have a social security number, you can find information about Soldiers online at While this is a free search, it does not help you locate a retiree, but it can tell you if the Soldier is active duty or not.

If more information is needed such as current duty station or location, you can contact the Commander Soldier's Records Data Center (SRDC) by phone or mail and they will help you locate individuals on active duty only, not retirees. There is a fee of $3.50 for businesses to use this service. The check or money order must be made out to the U.S. Treasury. It is not refundable. The address is:

Commander Soldier's Records Data Center (SRDC)
8899 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46249-5301
Phone: 1-866-771-6357

If you require assistance with child support enforcement, contact the Federal Parent Locator Service. That service is part of the Office of Child Support Enforcement, which is a branch of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Soldier Records

The National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records is the repository of military personnel, health and medical records of veterans from all services during the 20th century.Visit the Military Personnel Records website for more information on how to request these records.

Personnel records are covered under the Federal Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Information that is protected and is not releasable includes personal phone numbers and email addresses, and information about discharged Soldiers, medical information, information regarding adverse administrative actions, and demographic material such as age, religion, marital status, children and relatives.

U.S. Army Hawaii Staff Duty Officers
U.S. Army, Pacific
196th Infantry Brigade 222-0767 (No staff duty.)
25th Infantry Division 655-8764
2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team 655-9200
3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team 655-4013
25th Combat Aviation Brigade 656-1080
25th Sustainment Brigade 655-8194
25th Division Artillery 655-6895
8th Theater Sustainment Command 352-4967 (BB, Maj Quilles)
8th Military Police Brigade 655-0193
130th Engineer Brigade 655-8843
Tripler Army Medical Center 433-2059
18th Medical Command (Deployment Support) 226-7550
311th Signal Command Theater 438-2212
30th Signal Brigade (RNOSC) 655-2127
30th Signal Brigade (Customer Support Center) 655-2200
516th Signal Brigade 438-7999
94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command 224-8594
9th Mission Support Command 438-1600, ext. 3290
U.S. Army Garrison, Hawaii Installation Operation Center 656-3272
500th Military Intelligence Brigade 787-6900
599th Transportation Brigade 551-1303
413th Contract Support Brigade 469-7389

(Note: Call 656-3155 to update or add a number, or email

Having issues with this website or can't find the information you're looking for? Call 808-656-3155 or send an email.



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