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Command documents are managed by the Directorate of Human Resource's Forms and Publications Control Officer. If there is a document you would like to see listed or have any questions, call 808-656-0334.

Additional documents can be found on the intranet (requires CAC authentication). Additional unit policies may apply to Soldiers and families, like the 25th Infantry Division Standards Blue Book.

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Form Number Title Date
USAG-HI Form 6 Building Energy Monitor (BEM) Checklist Sept. 2009
USAG-HI Form 8 Unit Energy Conservation Officer (UECO) Checklist Sept. 2009
USAG-HI Form 27 Transfer & Accumulation Point Inventory Log Oct. 2008
USAG-HI Form 28 Manifest Log Oct. 2008
USAG-HI Form 29 Weekly TAP 90-Day Inspection Log Oct. 2008
USAG-HI Form 30 Environmental Compliance Inspection Checklist June 2010
USAG-HI Form 31 RMSSP Recyclable Material-Non-Regulated Waste Col Log Oct. 2008
USAG-HI Form 32 Container(s) Inspection Log Oct. 2008
USAG-HI Form 33 SSP TAP 90-Day ASF Hazardous Waste Collection Log Oct. 2008
USAG-HI Form 34 TAP 90-Day ASF Training Log April 2011
Policy Number Title Date
Installation 1 Discipline, Law and Order Jan. 21, 2012
n/a Command, Community, and Installation Information Aug. 3, 2010
USAG-HI 1 Authorized PT Routes for Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Airfield, Fort Shafter and Tripler Army Medical Center May 29, 2014
USAG-HI 2 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Employment July 18, 2014
USAG-HI 3 Alcohol Use-Abuse May 27, 2014
USAG-HI 4 Environmental Compliance and Protection Program May 15, 2014
USAG-HI 5 Army Family Advocacy Program (FAP) for Army in Hawaii May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 6 Housing Assignment Policy for Voluntarily Separated Personnel (Geographic Bachelors) Feb. 26, 2013
USAG-HI 7 Vacant n/a
USAG-HI 8 Mandatory 72-hour physical Separation of Parties Involved in Domestic Violence May 27, 2014
USAG-HI 9 Policies and Procedures for Operations of the Installation Memorial Board (IMB) May 27, 2014
USAG-HI 10 Environmental Policy May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 11 Breastfeeding in Public Areas on USAG-HI Installations July 18, 2014
USAG-HI 12 Unaccompanied Personnel Housing July 31, 2012
USAG-HI 13 Garrison Commander's Critical Information Requirements and Serious Incident Report Requirements Dec. 20, 2013
USAG-HI 14 Parking on Army installations on Oahu June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 15 Vacant n/a
USAG-HI 16 1. Installation Traffic Code

2. Prohibition Against Using Cellular Phones While Operating Motor Vehicles on Army Installations in Hawaii
June 9, 2011
USAG-HI 17 Risk Reduction Program June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 18 Disbursement of Recycling Funds May 27, 2014
USAG-HI 19 Authorized Use List June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 20 Equal Opportunity May 27, 2014
USAG-HI 21 Prevention of Sexual Harassment May 27, 2014
USAG-HI 22 Complaint Procedures May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 23 Special Ethnic Observances May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 24 Operations Security (For Official Use Only) Call 656-0334
USAG-HI 25 Waste Reduction & Recycling May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 26 Dispatching GSA Non-Tactical Vehicles May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 27 Ammunition Operations Deficiency Report May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 28 Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 29 Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) May 13, 2013
USAG-HI 30 Removal of Abandoned Vehicles May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 31 Standards of Dress and Prohibited Attire for Army Installations in Hawaii

Civilian Dress Code
July 31, 2012
USAG-HI 32 Identification of Contract Employees May 27, 2014
USAG-HI 33 ISO Fingerprinting for Background Investigations June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 34 Child Supervision Policy for Army Installations on Hawaii May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 35 Army Installation Microchip Program May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 36 Prohibited Dog Breeds on USAG-HI Installations June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 37 Garrison Commander's Open Door Policy May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 38 Hours of Duty, Leave and Flextime (For Official Use Only) Call 656-0334
USAG-HI 39 Soldier Time Off Sept. 7, 2012
USAG-HI 40 The Right of Soldiers to Present Complaints or Request Assistance from the Inspector General July 18, 2014
USAG-HI 41 The Right of Civilian Employees to Present Complaints or Request Assistance from the Inspector General July 18, 2014
USAG-HI 42 Light Duty Following On-the-Job Injuries June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 43 Stray and Feral Animal Control Nov. 21, 2012
USAG-HI 44 Civilian Employees Subsisting in Dining Facilities May 20, 2014
USAG-HI 45 Management of Class VIII Medical Supply Items June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 46 Display of Banners on USAG-HI installations June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 47 Holiday Lighting July 18, 2014
USAG-HI 48 Civilian Hiring, Promotion and Selection Panel Process May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 49 Non-tactical Vehicle (NTV) Utilization Standard July 18, 2014
USAG-HI 50 Unit Reimbursement for Accident and Negligence Damage to Non-tactical Vehicles (NTVs) June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 51 Open Burn Policy June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 52 Service and Facility Standards July 18, 2014
USAG-HI 53 Emergency Child Care May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 54 Worker's Safety and Comp. Statement June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 55 Generator Control Policy June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 56 First Sergeant's Barracks Program March 19, 2013
USAG-HI 57 Community Commercial and Religious Solicitation May 28, 2013
USAG-HI 58 Installation Out-Processing Procedures June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 59 Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 60 Ammunition Amnesty Program June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 61 Unsolicited Volunteer and Donations Management Sept. 19, 2012
USAG-HI 62 Storm Water Pollution Control Plan June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 63 Landscaping with Native Plants June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 64 Standard Honeybee Response Guidance for Swarms and Hives June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 65 Electronic Cigarette Use May 19, 2014
USAG-HI 66 Releasing Documents for Transitional Compensation June 4, 2014
USAG-HI 67 Command Training and Development Sept. 5, 2014
Note 1 Authorized Television Station in USAG-HI facilities July 12, 2010
Publication Number Title Date
USAG-HI Reg 200-4 Installation Hazardous Waste Management Plan Oct. 21, 2010
USAG-HI Reg 210-14 Assignments of Real Property Facilities June 24, 2013
USAG-HI Reg 210-15 Disposition of Temporary World War II-Era Buildings Jun. 25, 2009
USAG-HI Reg 420-2 Temporary Water Services Jan. 20, 2012
USAG-HI Reg 420-2 supplement Temporary Water Services
Administrative Support Supplement
Jan. 27, 2012
Issue Date Released Date Expires
14-15 Aug. 21, 2014 Feb. 21, 2015
14-14 Aug. 7, 2014 Feb. 7, 2014
14-13 July 17, 2014 Jan. 17, 2015
14-12 July 3, 2014 / Attachments and Flyers Jan. 3, 2015
14-11 June 19, 2014 / Attachments and Flyers Dec. 19, 2014
N/A *No bulletins were produced N/A
14-7 April 3, 2013 Oct. 3, 2014
14-6 March 20, 2014 Sept. 20, 2014
14-5 March 6, 2014 Sept. 6, 2014

Sequestration went into effect March 1, 2013. Due to this congressional act, the Department of Defense and the Department of the Army had to enact furloughs for DOD civilians and budget cuts. These weekly furloughs and the reduced funding impacted the availability and timeliness of USAG-HI programs and services for Soldiers and military families for six weeks, starting July 8, 2013.

Due to the congressional budget not being passed by the beginning of fiscal year 2014, there was a government shutdown starting Oct. 1, 2013.

Sequestration went into effect March 1, 2013. Due to this congressional act, the Department of Defense and the Department of the Army had to enact civilian furloughs for DOD civilians, July 8-Sept. 30, 2013.

Due to the congressional budget not being passed by the beginning of fiscal year 2014, there was a government shutdown starting Oct. 1, 2013.

The following resources and links are provided to assist DOD civilians with financial difficulties during the furloughs:

Army Benefits Center-Civilian Benefits and Points of Contact

Army Community Service: Financial Management
    ACS: Leaner Times but Smarter Decisions
    ACS: Financial Planning for Furloughs

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Hawaii

Employee Assistance Program: Location and Points of Contact
    EAP: Managing Financial Stress **Website available to USAG-HI employees only.

Financial Counselors

Federal Poverty Guide

Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA)

Hawaii Homeownership Center

Housing and Urban Development: Housing Counseling and Legal Services

Making Home Affordable Program

Resources Available for Furloughed DA Civilians

Section 8: Housing Assistance

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    SNAP Application
    SNAP Application Locations

Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Eligibility

Thrift Savings Plan Account and Sequestration

Unemployment Insurance

Community Bulletins are distributed through the Installation Operations Center and address many topics, including upcoming road closures and construction, scheduled outages for power and water, and emergency information and notifications.

Items are listed below by the date they were released and are limited to bulletins released in the last three months.

To find information about events according to the date they occur or begin, visit the Hawaii Army Weekly, the Community Calendar or Facebook.





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